01 Jul

VP is Open for Submissions

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OK everyone, this is it: the day you’ve all been waiting for.  Verbal Pyrotechnics–the only literary e-zine dedicated exclusively to teen literature–is finally open for submissions.

VP is looking for short stories, essays, poems, even comics. The editors’ tastes are diverse and the pieces they print will have two things in common: they are astonishing in some way and they appeal to a teen audience. Think you’ve got something that would be a good fit?  Visit the VP submissions guidelines for more information on how to submit.

So go dig through those files, look in the bottom desk drawer, search around in all those places where you store your best teen lit stories/poems/essays.  You know, the ones that you couldn’t find a home for because that home didn’t exist.  Now it does.

And don’t forget to spread the word!

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24 Jun

VP Submissions Open Next Week

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Verbal Pyrotechnics is a literary magazine edited by yours truly and three of my fabulous writer/editor colleagues.  VP is dedicated to publishing teen literature of the short form (stories, poetry, essays, etc.). There aren’t many short form outlets for writers who focus on teen literature and we’ve decided to fix that.  Now we need your help because we need to spread the word.

Verbal Pyrotechnics will be accepting submissions starting next week (July 1)!  Check out our submissions page for more information.  And don’t forget to tell other writers about it and get ready to submit.


15 Jun

Paying it Forward

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I am frequently amazed at the generosity of writers and how many of them do things that go above and beyond in order to help or encourage other writers.  Yesterday, I was particularly inspired by a few fellow bloggers (Elana Johnson, Casey McCormick, and Co.) who have organized WriteOnCon, a virtual writing conference that will take place in August.  Unfortunately I will be out of the country at the time and most likely will be sans email.  I’m sad to miss it because I know this conference will be wonderful.  And what a great idea to do it on the web so that anyone can participate.  Kudos!

WriteOnCon got me thinking about this idea of giving back to the writing community, especially now that I have graduated from my MFA.  This idea inspired me to post about a few writing projects and events I’m helping put together.

Verbal Pyrotechnics This literary magazine will launch at the end of 2010 but this summer we officially open for submissions.  We’re looking for emerging and established authors with a unique voice who write for the teen audience.  Visit the Verbal Pyrotechnics blog for more details and submission guidelines.

Get Your Read On:  This reading series is sponsored by Verbal Pyrotechnics, and will resume this summer.  More information coming soon.

There’s a third project too, but that’s the subject of another post.  So check back tomorrow to learn more!

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05 Jun

To Infinity! And Beyond!

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A couple of weeks ago Ghenet at All About Them Words wrote a post called “I have an MFA!  Now What?”  Good question, Ghenet.  I’ve been wondering that very same thing.  Inspired by that post I decided to take stock in what lies ahead for iggi and me.  As it turns out, life as a MFA-graduate is busier than I expected, but fun nonetheless.  Here are a few of the exciting writing-related things that are in store:

Teaching a 5-week creative writing class.  Starting June 22nd, I’ll be teaching a 5-week class in NYC called “Writing Sense.”  This class uses the five senses to engage students’ creativity and jump-start creative projects.  As for teaching long-term, I already have one freelance gig set up for fall and am working out the logistics of a couple more.

Starting a literary magazine.  As July fast approaches, we are nearing the kick-off for Verbal Pyrotechnics, the first literary magazine dedicated exclusively to teen literature.  For more information and submissions guidelines, visit our blog.  We open for submissions in July.

Finishing my novel.  I’ve been stalling and floundering around on this one for a few weeks.  Now, though, I have a goal and an incentive to get my act together and finish.  The first draft has to be complete by fall.

Summer reading.  At BEA I got my hands on a ton of galleys and now the summer reading frenzy begins.  Here’s a sampling of the books on my list:

Looks like it’s going to be a good summer!

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