05 Jun

To Infinity! And Beyond!

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A couple of weeks ago Ghenet at All About Them Words wrote a post called “I have an MFA!  Now What?”  Good question, Ghenet.  I’ve been wondering that very same thing.  Inspired by that post I decided to take stock in what lies ahead for iggi and me.  As it turns out, life as a MFA-graduate is busier than I expected, but fun nonetheless.  Here are a few of the exciting writing-related things that are in store:

Teaching a 5-week creative writing class.  Starting June 22nd, I’ll be teaching a 5-week class in NYC called “Writing Sense.”  This class uses the five senses to engage students’ creativity and jump-start creative projects.  As for teaching long-term, I already have one freelance gig set up for fall and am working out the logistics of a couple more.

Starting a literary magazine.  As July fast approaches, we are nearing the kick-off for Verbal Pyrotechnics, the first literary magazine dedicated exclusively to teen literature.  For more information and submissions guidelines, visit our blog.  We open for submissions in July.

Finishing my novel.  I’ve been stalling and floundering around on this one for a few weeks.  Now, though, I have a goal and an incentive to get my act together and finish.  The first draft has to be complete by fall.

Summer reading.  At BEA I got my hands on a ton of galleys and now the summer reading frenzy begins.  Here’s a sampling of the books on my list:

Looks like it’s going to be a good summer!

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  1. Ghenet says:

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Congrats on the new teaching opportunities! And hope your draft is going well :o)

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