24 Oct

ROW80 Check-In (3)

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So I missed ROW80 Check-In last night.  Oops!  I guess I’ll just post it now.  Here goes…

Last week has been a slow slog.  I’ve been working hard putting together the first DIY MFA workbook, which will be available starting November 4 to anyone who signs up for the newsletter: Writer Fuel.  This workbook has gone through several rounds of revision in just the one week, but it’s finally looking to be in good shape.

This coming week promises to be full of new DIY MFA content because aside from the posts and Writer Fuel content, I’ll also be working writing content for a webinar that I’ll be offering in November.

So that’s it.  A slow week last week and I don’t have exact word counts because I was doing a lot of revising, editing and formatting so it’s hard to tell how many words I actually wrote.  But otherwise, it was a productive week.

How has ROW80 been treating all of you?

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