29 Mar

Introducing: DIY MFA TA’s!

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Before I get to the main topic of this post, I wanted to remind you all that DIY MFA 2.O is only a few days away and you can register for it by going to this post.  It’s free to register and not only will you get a free DIY MFA eWorkbook but you’ll also be entered for a chance to win an iggilicious prize!

And now for the main topic: I’ve decided to assemble a team of TA’s (Teaching Assistants) for DIY MFA.  These are people who either participated in DIY MFA last time and were very active in the community, some even have official MFAs.  These are folks who have brainstormed with me and helped me work out kinks in the program, to such an extent that they could practically teach it themselves.

Throughout DIY MFA 2.O, the TA’s will be active in the comments and chats.  These people are here to help, so don’t be shy about following them on twitter, visiting their blogs and asking questions.  Here’s a short intro to the TA’s and a little bit of what they have to say about DIY MFA!

J.C. Martin

“As a new-ish writer, last year’s DIY MFA really helped me with getting to grips with writing techniques and ideas! I’m sooo looking forward to DIY MFA 2.0! This time round, I’m hoping to perhaps learn how to really boost my writing productivity!”

You can find J.C. at her website or on twitter (@JCMartin_author). 

Kerryn Angell

“After spending five years pursuing writing for publication and two years editing the same WIP I was lost. DIY MFA opened my eyes to the variety writing has to offer: reading, craft, ideas, community and critique. I fell back in love with reading, connected with my local writing community in person and found a renewed focus and excitement to write.”

Check out more of what Kerryn has to say at her blog and on twitter (@kerrynangell).

Ghenet Myrthil

“Since graduating with an MFA last spring, I’ve been working hard on my first book, a contemporary YA novel. Writing in the “real world” without the structure and support of an MFA program has been a challenge. That’s why I’m excited about DIY MFA 2.0! I look forward to connecting with other writers, feeling inspired and getting a much-needed boost to finish my book.”

You can find Ghenet blogging, tweeting (@ghenet) and drinking lots of chai tea lattes.

Dave Symonds

“Last fall I benefited most from the Love of Literature posts and was able to put together a solid reading list.  Organizing a reading list helped me get on a reading schedule; not only was I reading more books similar to my WIP, but I was also able to keep up with the latest and greatest in my genre. I’m looking forward to the craft posts this time around, putting writing exercises to good use and improving my WIP on a daily basis.

Read more of Dave’s words on twitter (@davidiocy).

Thank you to all the TA’s for helping me with this project.  Looking forward to a great month this April!


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  1. Ghenet Myrthil says:


    1. Orlando says:

      It sounds like a great team. Looking forward to more great reads.

      1. Caroline Starr Rose says:

        Gabby, you are so great for the writing community. Thanks for all you do.

        1. J.C. Martin says:

          I am so looking forward to DIY MFA 2.0! Under pressure to finish a WiP at the moment, and looking forward to lots of inspiration and tips!

          1. Kiernan says:

            Sounds great — I'm getting so excited!

            1. Kerryn Angell says:

              *wave* I'm super excited about DIY MFA 2.O and sharing the experience with all you lovely peeps. 🙂

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