15 Jan

Why I Read

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This past December, a new hashtag took twitter by storm.  The concept is simple, people just state the reason why they read and add #whyiread, all in 140 characters or fewer.  Check it out!  It can be quite inspiring.

As for why I read, there are almost too many reasons to list.  Here are the most important ones:

1)  Words are delicious.  No matter what mood you’re in, there’s always something you can read that suits perfectly.  In the mood for something dark and decadent?  Try a Gothic romance.  Or what about a light, fluffy souffle made of humor essays?  Yum.  Oh and guess what?  No calories!

2)  Hours of entertainment.  A paperback costs about as much as a movie ticket (at least that’s the case in NYC), yet a book can give me many more hours of entertainment than I can get at a movie.  And if you like the movie and want to see it again, you have to buy another ticket.  Not so with a book.

3)  Travel the world from the comfort of your couch.  You start with airfare and hotel-stays.  Throw in all the hassles–airport security, the airline loses your luggage, your flight gets re-routed because of a snow storm–and before you know it, you need a vacation from your vacation.

4)  Let’s Pretend.  This is my favorite reason, by far.  When I read a book, I can be inside a character’s mind.  For a brief few hours, I’m transported to a different world and I become a different person.  I can try out different lives that I’d never be in real life.

What about you?  Why do you read?


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  1. Shaddy aka Cheryl says:

    Reading is the most delightful treat I can imagine. Like you said, it's calorie free and comes in endless flavors and textures.

    Have a great weekend!! Reading or whatever!!

    1. Carol Riggs says:

      Love this! Especially the "words are delicious." I wholeheartedly agree. Yay.

      1. KarenG says:

        Wonderful post in honor of reading which is the best! I haven't done the #whyiread on Twitter. I definitely will check it out! Your reasons are all shared by me, too, and another one I have is that I just love to hold a book in my hands, reading and escaping into the words, and turning the pages. I like the feel of it, the texture of the pages. Not sure I can get this from an ereader, I have yet to try.

        1. gabi says:

          Karen–You bring up an excellent point with the idea of holding a book in one's hands. This whole concept of book-as-object is one that fascinates me. Hmmm… maybe I should post about it sometime!

          p.s. I can think of one good thing about eReaders–I can pack up all my books for the move and still have something to read. 🙂 It's not quite the same but it'll do.

          1. Marie Rearden says:

            'Words are delicious.' That's just excellent!

            I definitely read to pretend. It makes life more fun.

            -Marie at http://marierearden.blogspot.com/

            1. Cinette says:

              Reading is so much more interactive than a movie. I never got into video games as a kid, so I didn't follow that route of entertainment, either.
              I think alot of why I read has to do with the characters, as well.

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