28 Sep

DIY MFA Community

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Hello everyone!

Today we’ll be doing something a little bit different… Something interactive.  We’ve talked a bit in the past about creating a DIY MFA Online Community and there seemed to be a good bit of interest.  I started looking around online and checking out what options are available and started tinkering.

Originally I wanted to WOW you all by unveiling said community today but as with some projects, I sort of bit off more than I could chew and it was not to be.  Let’s just say my computer did not cooperate.  There was hissing and spitting involved and it wasn’t from me.

So instead of unveiling the community or posting about community, I’d like to open the floor to all of you.  Here are some things I’d like to know:

First:  Which type of DIY MFA community do you think would be best:
     a)  Yahoo Groups type of community?
     b)  A ning.com type of community
     c)  A discussion board
     d)  Another suggestion I might have missed?

Also, I need VOLUNTEERS!  Regardless of type of community, there’s no way I can keep up with iggi U here, keep teaching, finish writing my book and admin a community all by myself.  Anyone interested in helping me run this thing (like as a moderator or somesuch)?  I’m thinking a team of 2 people plus me would be a good start and we can always add more mods later if this thing takes flight.

Please share your thoughts below.  I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say and I can’t wait to start this DIY MFA community!


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  1. Lauren Elizabeth Morrill (Mona Mour) says:

    Google Groups are just like Yahoo Groups, but way better and more secure. I'd recommend that.

    1. gabi says:

      Thanks for the tip, Lauren Elizabeth. I checked out Google Groups but it looks like come November they'll be limiting what the groups can do (like you won't be able to upload files or create new pages). Have you heard anything about this or do you have any input?


      1. M. says:

        I only have experience with Ning. I loved it there… lots of room to get creative. Blogs, forums, pictures, videos, groups, changing backgrounds and pages that sort f thing. But it's no longer free. 🙁 I was admin of a social network there for over a year and loved it. I would be willing to help. 🙂

        1. Mara Nash says:

          I love your concept of a DIY MFA. I'm almost finished with my actual MFA!

          and btw, I've got an award for you over at my blog!

          1. Kerryn Angell says:

            I'm not sure how many DIY MFA participants have blogs but something that I really liked from Merrilee's Creativity Workshop was the Google Reader Bundle of participant blogs that she set up. A bundle of DIY MFA participant blogs would be great. Then we can subscribe to the lot and keep in touch with those posting about their DIY MFA.

            I think a forum or means of discussion is the other major feature. I found Spruz as an alternative to Ning that looks to have more features.

            I'd love to volunteer but fear I would be taking on too much. I'll definitely endeavour to be an active member and if you need an extra hand short term I could probably help out.

            1. Piedmont Writer says:

              I don't know any of the technical jargon you guys are talking about, Ning, Google Bundle, yahoo groups (I'm computerly illiterate) but I'd like to have a discussion on just what exactly a DIY MFA actually will be. I like the idea of MFA and think I could benefit from the discipline. Once I get that wrangled into place I could help out too. Do you want to do an email discussion? piedmontwriter at g mail dot com

              1. Piedmont Writer says:

                Sorry I guess I'm a little late for the game. I only found your blog a few days ago and just read this started and is over already. However, I would still like to be included in whatever kind of forum you set up. Thanks.

                1. Skylar Kade says:

                  I've been lurking, and your posts have inspired me to set up my own DIY-MFA style workshop. I'd LOVE to be a member of a group/forum (I'm a fan of Google groups, while Yahell seems to be made of fail lately) and I'd like to help out any way I can. So if you need mods, I'm there! 😀

                  1. Merrilee says:

                    I hate google groups and yahoo equally 🙂 A forum would be nice, and I second Kerryn's request for a google reader bundle of participants 🙂

                    1. gabi says:

                      Oooh, you all are awesome! Thank you for weighing in and all your input. Right now it sounds like some sort of forum is the way to go, with maybe that Google Bundle as well. I'm going to play around with this over the next couple of weeks and (hopefully) try to set something up by the time Commencement week is over. Can't promise for sure, but I'll do my absolute best.

                      p.s. Computer goes in for a check-up tomorrow so I will be sans laptop for who knows how long. I've programmed my post for tomorrow already but if I'm not around as much in comments, it's b/c of yucky computerness. 🙁

                      p.p.s. To everyone who's just joining, welcome! Never fear, there'll be plenty of DIY MFA in the future and you can catch up on posts you missed by going to the iggi U tab or clicking on the DIY MFA button on the top right.

                      1. elleadit says:

                        I use Google Groups for book clubs (therumpus.net's amazing one, for example) and i LOVE it. It's also what I mentioned a few weeks ago in a Community post. And it shouldn't be a problem to upload files—we can share them as Google Docs! I'd be happy to help run it, by the way! I'm always attached to my computer anyway : )

                        1. Stina Lindenblatt says:

                          I've used Google Groups and Yahoo for crit groups. Yahoo sucked. I thought Google Groups was much better and user friendly.

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