28 Apr

To Blog or Not To Blog?

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Last Thursday, Literary Lab published a post about blogging, aptly titled: Who Cares if You Blog?  This post dispels all those myths one might believe in about how a meek little writer-blog suddenly gets a book deal simply on the merits of it’s wonderful blogginess.  Sure we’ve all heard of bloggers who ended up with book deals but in many cases it’s tough to know which came first: the hefty blog readership or the book.

As Literary Lab eloquently puts it: “you’re just another person with a blog, and we all have blogs and it’s nothing special. What is special is writing a good book.”  Which then begs the question: why do we blog?  I blog because it keeps my otherwise unstructured life on a schedule and gives me focus.  I blog because I love being part of a community of writers and readers.  I blog because it gives me a low-pressure venue for my writing.

Who cares if we blog?  Clearly, we’re here because we do care, because the blogosphere gives us something of value, whether it be simply a procrastination tool during a dull workday or something more.  So now I turn this question to the blog authors out there: why do you blog and why do you read blogs?


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  1. Ghenet says:

    I blog because I like writing about what I'm up to and what I'm thinking about. I don't expect it to get me published. When you write a novel or a short story, you're usually telling some one else's story, not your own. With my blog, I can show more of myself and my own personality. :o)

    1. Caroline Starr Rose says:

      For community, instant feedback (which is non-exsistent in the writing world), and honestly, to get my name out there.

      1. gabi says:

        Ghenet: I like that idea of telling your own story–which is definitely different from writing fiction.

        Caroline: Yes, the instant feedback is definitely a plus (and definitely not to be had in most writing situations).

        I also meant to add–aside from community with other writers, I like to read blogs for news and info on publishing (esp. blogs by people in the industry)

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