05 Oct

Rock the ROW80

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This week I’m feeling a little bit mischievous.  Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush of starting a new challenge.  Maybe it’s meeting all these motivated writers and seeing them set their goals and dive in.  Or maybe it’s just that my inner-gabi (AKA iggi) happens to be in this mood right now:

Whatever the cause, these last two (only two?) days since the start of ROW80 have been uber-productive in gabi-land.  Here are some of the things I’ve checked off my TO DO list in the last few days:

•  1500-word article for the Stories for Children, where I have a monthly column.
(Technically, I did this over the weekend, but since it was on my week’s To Do list already, I’m counting it.)
•  1200-word detailed outline for the new-and-improved DIY MFA free workbook.
•  Total of 5 blog posts between this blog and DIY MFA (counting this post and two Sunday night posts).
•  350-word draft of the DIY MFA newsletter (with template and content).

This brings me to a total of 3050 words of miscellaneous content and 5 out of 7 weekly blog posts.  I also prepped and taught my class, attended my writer’s group and am going to an author reading tonight.  The only piece of my writing life that’s not exactly booming right now is the reading.  But honestly, with all this other stuff going on, if I slack on my reading it’s not so bad right?

All in all, ROW80 is off to a good start.  Woot!

Also, Goals Update! I’m borrowing a nifty idea from my good friend Ghenet of All About Them Words.  Instead of doing two check-in posts, it looks like she’s doing her main check-in on Sunday and using Wednesdays as a day to talk about the progress she’s making on her current project with a short ROW80 update at the end.  Such a great idea!  Honestly, I was worried that if I did check-ins twice a week, I wouldn’t have much to show in terms of progress.  And who wants to read a blog where the blogger is all “me me me,” only talking about themselves and their work?   No offense but… *SNORE*

So, yeah, I’m stealing Ghenet’s idea because it sounds WAY more interesting and fun than my original plan.  On Wednesdays, I’ll post about something random that’s on my mind and do a mini-check-in.  Then on Sundays I’ll go into more details about my actual ROW80 progress.  Sound good?  Awesome.

Now you tell me: How’s your week going?
To see how other ROW80 writers are doing, check out this link.

To Those about to Rock (the ROW80) I salute you.
To everyone else, I suggest you stay out of our way.



Comments on this post

  1. Ghenet Myrthil says:

    Wow, you’re on a roll! That’s awesome. 😀

    1. Sarah Pearson says:

      That’s some progress you’ve got going there. Nice one 🙂

      1. Liz says:

        I have signed up for ROW80 twice and both times I crapped out within 2 weeks. I’m too ashamed to sign up for a third round! I still think it’s a great idea, though. Good luck to those participating!

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