01 May

Story A Day

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I was recently interviewed by Julie Duffy of StoryADay and the interview is posted at StoryADay.org.  Squee!  Please check it out and share your thoughts so Julie gets lots of comments on it!

As we embark on our Writing Marathon today, I wanted to mention StoryADay, which is an awesome challenge that starts… today!

StoryADay is sort of like the short story version of NaNoWriMo, except instead of writing a novel in one month, it’s all about short stories.  The idea is you write and finish one short story every day for the month of May.  Julie’s set up a fantastic site where you can connect with other writers doing the challenge and post stories as you write them.  I did StoryADay last year and it was great fun.  Didn’t win, but that’s not really the point… the point of the challenge is to rekindle that love for writing and it definitely did that.

So if any of you are wondering what to do after your DIY MFA time in April, I recommend checking out StoryADay and trying out the challenge.


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  1. Porky says:

    That sounds like a real challenge. I take part in a handful of online writing games a week – and Sunday seems a good day for them – so there's no clear reason not to do this – except perhaps the commitment to one a day, whether the feeling is there or not. I'll go have a look.

    1. Ann Best says:

      I'm heading over there.

      Wow. That's so interesting. Don't know if I have the time. But maybe I do. A short story can be any length, it's my favorite genre, and I was thinking about writing short stories based on my childhood (of a LONG time ago).

      So glad I came over here today! Thanks!!
      Ann Best, Memoir Author

      1. J.C. Martin says:

        Story A Day sounds really interesting, but sadly I need to focus on my novels at the moment.

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