17 May

No-Weights Arm Workout for Writers by Melissa Paris

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One of Melissa Paris’ (Missy) many talents is designing workouts that you can do without any equipment.  Check out this weight-free arm workout made especially for writers.  

For more information about Melissa Paris, check out her blog and her Facebook page or connect with her on twitter (@Melissa_Paris).

A weight free upper body workout for the hardworking writer!  It’s important to get up and move around throughout the day to keep your mind focused and your body healthy.  Be a better YOU and add some simple moves when taking your writing or editing breaks.  Here’s the routine: 

• 20 Mountain Climbers.   Start in push-up position, bringing one knee to your chest then back down.  Repeat with the other side.   Both sides counts as one repetition.  Go as fast as you can; you should be out of breath when doing this.

• 15 Push-Ups.  Hands should be shoulder width apart.  If you cannot hold your body up on all fours, lower the intensity by placing your knees on the floor.

Repeat 3 times

• 10 Tricep Dips.   Use a chair: place your hands on the seat with your knees bent in front of you.  Bend your arms and dip your body down below the chair seat, then back up.  You should feel the burn in the back of your arms.

• 15 Tricep Push-Ups.  Similar to the previous push-ups but with hands close together and elbows tucked in.

Repeat 3 times

• 30 Boxing Punches.  Once with each arm is one repetition.  Do this exercise without putting your arms down to rest.

• 15 arm circles.  Forward and backward without rest.

Repeat 3 times

Wow!  These exercises look fantastic.  I plan to use them during my writing breaks to help me get active and clear my head.  Also, stay tuned for a bonus post this Thursday featuring Missy’s tips for BookExpo America.  She has some excellent tips and ways to take care of yourself and make the most of the event!

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  1. Shallee says:

    These are some great exercises– and very quick ones, too! Thanks for sharing these.

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