30 May

More BEA Fun!

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BEA 2011 has come and gone and I’ve come home with armloads of treasure, some of it collected especially with you in mind, reader friends.

On the left you see a stack of books, all of which I picked up just for you (I even met one of the authors and managed to get that book signed!)  You’ll have a chance to win these books over the summer and fall via giveaways either on iggi&gabi or on YA Cafe. Stay tuned.

More exciting yet, I’ve put together two awesome bags o’ swag.  Each includes an adorable tote, two ARCs, an iggilicious journal and much more!  I assembled these bags especially to commemorate a sooper-seekrit, sooper-exciting blog milestone that will be coming up within the next week or so.  Don’t worry.  I’ll let you know more details on how to win these bags-of-awesome when the time comes.  All you gotta do is keep your eye open for updates.

OK, reader friends, that’s all for today.  Missed you tons!  Did ya miss me?


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  1. ash says:

    Oh goodness, glad to have you back. It was pretty quiet on the blog world of books and writing!

    N.B.: I received my Iggi journal last week. THANK YOU! Adorable!

    1. Marjorie says:

      Glad you enjoyed BEA. Did you by any chance run into Tahereh Mafi? I REALLY want to read her book.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        I alternated between the missing and the being jealous because you were at BEA and I was not. 😉 Now that you're back, though, I don't have to do either! Huzzah! WIN.

        1. Girl Friday says:

          Brilliant! I'm impressed you bagged Mara Dyer, I saw agents tearing their hair out on Twitter because they couldn't get a copy!!

          1. Gabriela Pereira says:

            Ash–Glad to be back and glad to hear you got your journal! Yeeey!

            Marjorie–You know, I got in line to get a signed copy of SHATTER ME and to meet the awesome Tahereh Mafi but the line was so long I didn't get to meet her! I did manage to grab a copy of the ARC at the booth, though, and can't wait to read.

            Elizabeth–Yes, I'm back and I have some exciting things in store so stay tuned!

            Girl Friday–Yup, got a copy of Mara Dyer and will be doing a giveaway with it sometime this summer! It's all thanks to BookBloggerCon… their swag bag selection was phenomenal.

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