04 Apr

DIY MFA Facebook Fan Page

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That’s right, DIY MFA has a Facebook page.  Some of you may have noticed the widget in the sidebar.  If you’re on facebook, you should check it out!

But wait!  The point of the page isn’t for it to be all about me.  Sure, I will post links to DIY MFA posts and other news, but I made this page for all of YOU.  I want this to be a forum where fans of DIY MFA can share their thoughts and interact with each other.  After all, blog comments are certainly lovley but they can be a little limiting.  A fan page will allow us to interact with each other that much more!

There are lots of ways you can use this page:
• Share links to your blog when you post about DIY MFA.
• Download iggi badges, sprint badges and other pictures.
• Make longer comments using the Notes function.
• Post pics from your writing sprints/marathon.

And many more!

So check out the fan page, “like” it if you wish, and join the community.


Comments on this post

  1. Shallee says:

    You're awesome, Gabi! Facebook is a great way to expand DIY MFA. I'll head over to check it out!

    1. Orlando says:

      I'll check it out right now.

      1. Gabriela Pereira says:


        (iggi's doing a happy dance, btw.)

        1. Ghenet Myrthil says:

          I "liked" it. 🙂

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