28 Mar

DIY MFA 2.O Registration

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OMG there are so many exciting things I want to tell you all, I don’t even know where to start.  First, DIY MFA 2.O is only a few short days away and as of today, registration is OPEN! 

Exciting Thing #1:
Everyone who registers for DIY MFA 2.O will receive a free DIY MFA eWorkbook.  This workbook contains a sampling of some my DIY MFA “greatest hits” along with new material, including worksheets that are completely new to DIY MFA!  Just fill out the form and I’ll email you the eWorkbook.  (Please allow 1-2 weeks.) 

Exciting Thing #2:
As with the last DIY MFA, everyone who registers will also be entered in a giveaway!  This time around I’ll be giving away five (5!) adorable iggi journals to five lucky winners.  These iggilicious journals will look a little something like this:

Here are the rules for the giveaway:

• Please sign up using the form below.
Giveaway ends at 11:59 EDT on April 30, 2011.
• Everyone who signs up before the closing date automatically gets one entry in the giveaway!
• For extra entries you can:
     1)  Tweet about DIY MFA Registration between today and Friday (+1 entries per tweet for up to 5 tweets).  Don’t forget to include a link back to this post and to use the #diymfa hashtag!
     2)  Post a badge on your website or blog with a link back to this registration post (+2 entries).  Don’t forget to enter your blog or website URL on the form.  You can find badges on the iggi-Graphics page.
     3)  Write a post on your blog about DIY MFA this week (+3 entries).  Again, please include your blog URL and please link back to this post.

OK, so just fill out the form and you’ll automatically get a free copy of the DIY MFA eWorkbook and you’ll be entered for a chance to win an iggilicious journal!

Edit: Contest is now closed.  But you can still sign up to get a free workbook by joining the DIY MFA List.  Don’t worry, you won’t get spam and I won’t share your email address with any person or entity.  All you’ll get is the occasional DIY MFA update and the free workbook (please allow 5-7 days).


Comments on this post

  1. Kerryn Angell says:

    Oh my gosh! Those are super exciting things!! I can't wait for the Workbook. That's such a great idea. I also LOVE the design of the notebook. I know I'm not eligible to be in the prize draw for other super exciting yet-to-be-revealed reasons but will we be able to buy our own?

    1. Gabriela Pereira says:

      Great question, Kerryn!

      I'm working on setting things up so that you guys can purchase journals (and perhaps even a few other iggilicious writerly products as well). I'll keep you all posted!

      1. salarsenッ says:

        Gabi ~ you've definitely out done yourself this time around! Wonderful. I'll be back, and I'll make sure to spread the word.

        1. Kerryn Angell says:

          Yay! I absolutely love iggi and iggi on writerly products sounds like the perfect addition to any writing adventure. 🙂

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