08 Mar

Coming Soon: DIY MFA 2.O

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That’s right, DIY MFA is coming back in April for another month-long spree of writing fun!  For those who aren’t familiar with the Do-It-Yourself MFA concept, you can visit iggi U and check out posts from our first extrabloganza last September.

DIY MFA 2.O will be all about getting the creative juices flowing.  Didja notice that it’s the letter O and not a zero?  That’s because the O stands for ORACLE, which will be a huge part of this new version of DIY MFA.

What’s the ORACLE, you ask?  The ORACLE is a place where writers go to commune with the muse.  The acronym stands for: Outrageous, Ridiculous, and Absurdly Creative Literary Exercises.  Remember how in ancient times, people would go visit an oracle to get answers to life’s problems?  This is sort of the same idea except this ORACLE helps you bust your way through writer’s block.  No, the ORACLE won’t write your book for you, but it does put you in touch with awesome ideas and scrumptious stories buried in your brain.

In this new version of DIY MFA, we’ll be focusing on bringing some of those stories-to-be out of hiding.  We’ll build a secret stash of writing ideas so that when you’re under pressure to find new stories, you’ll have somewhere to go where you can find them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  First things first.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be fine-tuning my plan for April and I needed some input from you all.  I want to know what you think worked and didn’t work about DIY MFA in September, and what you want to see more of DIY MFA 2.O.  And, if you didn’t participate in September, I want to hear from you too.  My goal is to make this the best DIY MFA yet,  just for you.

Please share your iggilicious thoughts in the form below.  If you have more detailed comments to add, feel free to leave them in the comments section.  Thank you!


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  1. J.L. Campbell says:

    Going over to check out your posts from Sept. to get a better idea of what this is all about.

    1. J.L. Campbell says:

      Very, very interesting. I've bookmarked the site and plan to visit regularly. Thanks!

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