06 Feb

Updates! Exciting! Woot!

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Publishers Weekly Blog: Beyond Her Book

My dear friends!  It’s been too long, no?  I am soooo sorry to leave you in the lurch and not post with my usual somewhat-regularity this past week.  Things have been especially nuts on this small slice of the planet where I reside.  Here’s what’s been going on:

1)  SCBWI Winter Conference in NYC!  OMG, such a fantabulous conference and sooooo much fun.  I have sooooo much to tell you.  Promise I’ll dish all the details real soon, but in the meantime, check out my guest post recap on Barbara Vey’s (of Publishers Weekly) blog: Beyond Her Book

2)  Sooper-seekrit collaborative project shall be unveiled soon!  Actually, Ghenet and I were supposed to unveil it on Friday but an unavoidable incident made it such that I couldn’t access the internet for the latter part of the week so we decided to postpone for a week.  Don’t worry.  It’s coming…

3)  OMG why won’t it stop snowing?  It seems like every week we get more snow dumped on the city.  Or ice.  Or sleet.  And to add insult to injury, it’s almost always on a Tuesday, which is when my writer’s group meets.  While I happen to live and work only a few short blocks from the meeting place–making the snow only a minor inconvenience for me–we have folks coming in from all over the tri-state area and for them it hasn’t been as easy.  Basically, I haven’t gotten to see some of these super-awesome writers in, like, two or three weeks and I seriously need my fix.  Enough with the snow already.  Oh, and did I mention what was in the forecast for Tuesday?

4)  Today’s the Superbowl!  No, I don’t watch football.  No, I don’t have a favorite team.  Actually the only interest I ever have in that sport is watching the Patriots lose and they’re already eliminated so as far as I’m concerned, I don’t much mind who wins.  But after the game, they’re doing a new episode of GLEE, which is the best show EVER.

5)  So what’s in store for iggi&gabi this February?

  •  SCBWI Winter Conference recaps
  • A few last recaps for the Writers Digest Conference
  • Other random iggi-licious things

 Are you excited?  I’m excited.  For those of you who celebrate: have a Happy Superbowl.  For those of you who prefer to watch the post-game GLEE episode… I’ve got your back.

What’s happening in your slice of the planet these days?


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  1. Carol Riggs says:

    Hey, thanks for the update, and I'm so glad you got to experience the nat'l SCBWI conference! I've only been to local Oregon ones, but they are a blast, too. Hmm, I haven't watched the Superbowl OR anything else today. I actually wrote a few pages and finished a chapter on my WIP, yay!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Congratulations on your guest blog. Well done and interesting, as always. Cindy

      1. ~Nicole Ducleroir~ says:

        Thanks for the Twitter follow! You have a fab blog here. I'm excited to read what went down at the conference. I'm still a writer's conference virgin, but hoping to change that in '11!

        Have a great week, despite all that snow!

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