10 Dec

Writing, the Rudolph Way

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While hanging out in the North Pole, I got a chance to chat it up with Rudolph.  Let me tell you, that is one optimistic little reindeer and a lot of his advice applies really well to writing.  Here are some super-secret tips he shared about how he made it to leading Santa’s sleigh.

Be nosy.  That’s right.  Writers need to have no shame about asking questions so they can learn about exciting new things.  After all, how else do you get all that material to write about?  If you want to know about something, ask.  Or go to the library.  Or ask Google.  And remember: don’t just write about what you know, write about what you want to know.

Develop a thick skin.  Writers are a strange bunch.  They spend years writing a book, then tearing it apart in edits, then querying and collecting rejection letters.  Just as Rudolph had to get used to being picked on by fellow reindeer, writers need a thick skin to survive the volume of rejections that comes with the job.  Rather than letting it get to us, we need to follow Rudolph’s example and just let our noses sparkle.

Don’t let the fog scare you.  At one point or another, all writers hit the fog.  You know, that feeling that nothing you write is ever good enough and “where’s this book going anyway?”  Just remember, real writers don’t just work when the weather’s clear, they write in the snow and wind and fog as well.  And most of the time, it’s when they break through the nasty weather that the real magic happens.

How about you?  What reindeer games have you learned from our red-nosed friend?


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  1. Ghenet says:

    You can learn some serious perseverance from that Rudolph 🙂

    1. Carol Riggs says:

      Cute post. I used to watch Rudolph all the time as a kid (back before videos).

      I think we can learn that the Abominable Snowman of revising can be a scary thing, but with a little tricky dentistry (extractions of purple prose and "darlings") and some serious re-examining of what's in front of us, we find that the A.S. can produce quite a surprising end result! (remember, the A.S. helped them decorate their tree at the end of the movie) It's worth the hard work and the conquering of the initial fear.

      1. Pam Torres says:

        Great Post! It is amazing how many life lessons can apply to our writing lives.

        1. Hannah Kincade says:

          I am extremely nosy. My idea of small talk rarely puts others at ease.

          1. Catherine Lavoie says:

            Awesome post and great advice/wisdom! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was my favourite Christmas song as a kid. (Frosty the Snowman was a close second.)

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