25 Oct

When Your Inner Writer Gets Spooked

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For a few weeks now I’ve been writing away on my WIP, just cranking it out like it was my job or something.  Then all of a sudden, I got spooked.

It all started when I reached this one critical chapter, and I’ve been scared stiff ever since.  I know exactly what needs to happen in the chapter, I only have this chapter and a little piece of another left to go, and yet I’m terrified.

All these sneaky little doubts keep cluttering my mind.  What if I write this chapter and it totally flops?  What if I can’t pull it off?  What if I only had a few good chapters in me and I used them all up already?

So I’ve been doing what I always do when I get scared: I’ve been reading a lot.  It’s a way of getting all those scary thoughts out of my head and distracting myself.  Kind of like the mental equivalent of leaving a nightlight on.

What about you?  What do you do when your inner writer gets scared silly?


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  1. Cinette says:

    I do anything but write – but mostly read. It DOES distract very nicely. Knitting can take my mind off of it, too.

    1. Gabriela Lessa says:

      Reading really is a good advice. Our WIPs can be just so scary somnetimes!

      1. Christine says:

        I just keep writing. Or I get chocolate then write. Or I get wine then write. But the end of it alllllllll is I keep writing. I can't ignore it. I can fix it if it is not perfect, but I can't fix it if it isn't written.

        1. Shaddy aka Cheryl says:

          I say "Boo" to my reflection in the mirror and laugh at myself.

          1. Kerryn Angell says:

            What I do now is completely different to what I used to do which I think is a step in the right direction. I acknowledge that it's the fear of failure talking. If I don't do it, If I don't try then I can't fail, I can't disappoint myself or anyone else. Then I remember that if I don't try then I can't succeed and taking that opportunity away from myself is much, much scarier.

            1. gabi says:

              These are great! I'll have to save them away and remember them for next time I need a boost.

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