19 Oct

Fitness for Writers by Missy Groeger

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Today’s post is by Missy Groeger, my good friend and fitness guru.  She’s a personal trainer at New York City’s Reebok Gym and has a background in nutrition as well as fitness.  A workout machine, Missy has participated in several fitness competitions, including Nationals.  Lately, I had been tossing around ideas on how to add a fitness component to DIY MFA and I KNEW I would have to ask Missy her advice.  Here follows Missy’s customized workout and fitness session, specially designed for writers who spend most of their time sitting at their computers.

Foam Rolling:
Foam rolling helps break up adhesions from everyday wear and tear.  It is like getting a massage.  The action of foam rolling helps so you can use the muscle to its maximum extensibility and decrease chances of pulling a muscle and also reduce soreness!  (You can find foam rolls at fitness stores like Sports Authority and they come in a variety of lengths for easy storage.)

Roll over points at which you feel the most pressure and hold for 20-30 seconds.  Repeat 2-3 times.

Lower Back
Upper Back

Stretches for Major Muscle Groups:
There are many benefits of stretching.  It reduces muscle tension, increases range of motion in the joints, enhances muscle coordination, and increases circulation, which raises your energy level.  The following stretches are good for your hamstrings, lower back and hips, areas crucial for writers to stretch since you spend so much time seated.

Basic Strengthening Exercises:

(Do 3 sets of 15-20 Repetitions per exercise)


Superman (hold for 30-60 seconds)
Plank (hold for 30-60 seconds)
Side Lunge

Five things to keep in mind:

  1.     STRETCH
  2.     Work Large muscle groups
  3.     Sit up straight at your desk/computer
  4.     Get rest!!  Your muscles need time to repair themselves
  5.     Eat regular smaller meals


Comments on this post

  1. Bethany Mattingly says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips!

    1. Kerryn Angell says:

      I love the idea of having a fitness component to DIY MFA. It really is so important to keep our bodies stretched and healthy so that it can sit in one position without niggling at us. I go to the gym a couple times a week but I don't stretch enough and really feel it. When I used to do Pilates I always felt amazing afterwards and taller. 🙂

      1. just-cassie.com says:

        great idea!! I so need to stretch more and get more exercise into my day. Thanks!

        1. Missy says:

          Any questions I am always available! You can also find me on facebook!!

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