08 Oct

Blog Party!

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Welcome to the last part of the iggi U celebration!  Starting today iggi and I are hosting a weekend-long blog party here on this blog.

What’s a blog party, you ask?  It’s a chance for you to share your blog with the rest of iggi U and also a chance for you all to find new exciting blogs to follow.

Sounds like fun?  Here’s how it works:

  • Be a follower here at iggi&gabi.
  • Leave a comment on this post, sharing your blog info and telling us a little about what you blog about.  Also tell us what iggi-licious yummies you plan to bring to the party!
  • Invite some friends and spread the word.
  • Visit at least 3 new blogs over the weekend and leave comments.  Follow those blogs if you like.
  • I’ll check the comments throughout the weekend, visit as many blogs as I can and follow them if I’m not already following.

So come on in, enjoy the weather (it’s always sunny at iggi U) and meet some fellow bloggers and writers.

As for what iggi-licious treats I’m bringing, I’ve made iggi’s favorite: Brazilian chocolate truffles called brigadeiros.


Comments on this post

  1. salarsenッ says:

    Hi! Great blog party. Here's my blog:


    Writers' Ally is the home of the famous Graffiti Wall where the undiscovered and newly discovered writer can tell the world about themselves. I also offer book reviews, share my journey as a YA & MG writer, and post about the trenches of motherhood.

    I'm bringing homemade salsa to the party. Mmmm….

    1. Najela says:

      Awesome! Blog party!


      Brave New Adventure is about my life as I read, write, and go to school. I offer my opinions on things in the world on occasions.

      I made brownies. The regular kind…
      I'm looking forward to reading some new blogs.

      1. Kerryn Angell says:

        W00t! Blog Party!

        No Excuses. Just Write.

        No Excuses. Just Write. is about my writing life and journey to rediscover the fun and creativity I lost while working on my last WIP. I'm aiming for publication, to make a career out of writing, to make a life out of writing but the most important thing is to make sure it's always fun.

        I bring fairy bread and strawberries!

        1. J.A. Pak says:

          I haven't been to a party in ages! How fun! Thanks for the invite! I have something I call the blog novella, which is part fiction, part film commentary. It's called So Easy To Love and it's at http://theblognovella.blogspot.com/.

          Looking forward to reading all the other blogs!

          1. darksculptures says:

            Did someone say party? Woohooo!


            This year I chose to designate my blog as a creative journey inspiring blog through the Creativity-Portal website. My commitment to sharing my journey means I blog about my writing process and my growth as a writer. The good, bad, and ugly of the whole writing thing is generally the topic of discussion. WARNING – I sometimes post bad poetry.

            If you need somewhere to put your face in a pillow and scream, stop on by my little corner of the blog-o-sphere. (Shameless self promotion fully intended.)

            1. notenoughwords says:

              Party? What? Er…I'll be the one in the corner, with the book 🙂

              Well done on the DIY MFA series Gabi. It's been great 🙂

              1. catdownunder says:

                Party? Did someone say party? Ooohh….I had better brush my fur and clean my claws and prepare the salmon. Hmmmm…now. Hello Iggi & Gabi. I am purrowling in from Downunder – cautiously. I do not want to get my tail trodden on! This really is a most interesting purrlace to visit.
                Me? Oh I look after a human who blogs about all manner of things. It's the writing that counts with her. She tries to put up a post each day. Yes, you probably should visit her – if just out of curiosity.
                Oh, a saucer of milk? Thankyou!

                1. gabi says:

                  Hello and welcome to all! Make yourselves at home and help yourselves to all the yummies. Tomorrow I'll start making my rounds to all these fabulous blogs!

                  1. Wannabe Writer says:

                    Woohoo! I love a good party, and this one looks like it's hoppin'.

                    Here's mine: http://iwroteabook.blogspot.com/

                    I'm a science girl attempting to tap into my creative side. I started my blog last month to motivate me to finish the first draft of my first novel.

                    1. Wannabe Writer says:

                      Oh! And I'm bringing Diet Coke, for all of us caffeine addicts.

                      1. Arlee Bird says:

                        I was catching up on KarenG's BBQ and find you having a party. I'm late here too (but not as late as the BBQ). Didn't bring nothin' 'ceptin' myself. Poking around you know.

                        Tossing It Out

                        1. elleadit says:

                          I'll bring seven-layer dip and triple hot chocolate cookies!

                          My blog is pretty new, but I do/plan to write about things that little things that make me smile, books I love, writing, and baking!

                          1. Bess Weatherby says:

                            Blog parties are cooler than block parties. Bomb.

                            I'm definitely bringing wine. Lots and lots of crisp white 🙂 And maybe throwing in my famous tacos, because I'm a good southern girl like that.

                            In my blog, "It's the World, Dear" I give a glimpse of what it's really like to be a penniless, post-grad writer in New York City, getting by on nannying, freelancing and, okay, Franzia.

                            Don't worry – the white wine I'm bringing to the party costs a million dollars. Give or take.

                            1. Janice says:

                              I'm late sorry – toddlers, need I say more? (Hence the deleted comment above)

                              Blog parties rock!

                              You can follow me on Twitter under yabooksrock or stop by my blog http://www.janicefoy.blogspot.com

                              My blog is only a few months old, but come with me on my writing journey – the ups and downs, ins and outs, the tantrums and tears.

                              I'll bring cup cakes and gooey chocolate chip cookies 🙂

                              1. S.i.S says:

                                Very nice blog!

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