18 Aug

iggi’s travels

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Hello friends,

Didja miss me?  ‘Cause iggi and I missed you!

No, I’m not back from Ireland just yet but I am finally in a hotel that has reliable internet so I’ll be able to check in at least somewhat regularly.  Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures and share more stories soon enough (forgot the camera adapter at home so we’ll have to wait a few more days for photos).

Today iggi and I had a fascinating experience.  We went to a graveyard where some ancestors of my super-duper hubby were buried.  We found two gravestones dating back to the 1800s.  Then we went and found the house where some ancestors had lived way back in the day.  They don’t live there anymore, but there is a farmer who lives there and he remembered them and even tried to get us in touch with the remaining distant relative that still lived in that town (it didn’t work out because when the farmer phoned her, she wasn’t home).

iggi has also gotten into the Irish mood.  He’s made some friends, like his long-lost relative pictured below.  (You can see the family resemblance, I’m sure).

Later on in the trip, iggi met a sheep named Seamus and decided to bring him home with us.  I’m not sure where I’m going to put a sheep in our apartment, much less how we’ll get him into our building.  (I have a feeling that bringing barnyard animals home would make me persona non grata with the condo board.)  But iggi has just informed me that Seamus is imaginary and shouldn’t take up any space at all.  Apparently Seamus is also housebroken.

Speaking of sheep, I have not been able to hug a sheep yet and seeing as now we’ll be in Dublin the rest of our trip, I think the odds are pretty well stacked against me.  I did, however, manage to get reasonably close to a sheep and take a photo.


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  1. Kerryn Angell says:

    I missed you! I'm super excited about iggi-U and want more, more, more info. But ignore me and enjoy your time in Dublin! Are there any must see sights you'd recommend?

    1. Michelle Davidson Argyle says:

      Hah, cute about the sheep! Hope all is still going well! I hope I get to make it out to Scotland sometime. 🙂

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