27 Aug

Happy Friday!

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My goodness, is it Friday already?  Seriously, when you’re doing things like clearing your desk, getting school supplies, choosing the perfect writing music and getting your life ready for back-to-school, all of a sudden it’s Friday.  Where did the week go?

Not to mention that Mockingjay came out this week.  See, I thought I had this perfect plan.  I saved Catching Fire to read on the trip so it would last me to Mockingjay.  I knew if I read Catching Fire right after Hunger Games, I’d be in agony until Mockingjay came out so I thought this plan was foolproof.   Problem is, this perfect plan backfired because I got no reading done in Ireland and all of a sudden, I come back and I have two must-read books on my plate!  I’m halfway through Catching Fire (I’m a sloooooow reader…) and I’m reading Mockingjay right after so no spoilers, OK?  Seriously, or I just might die.  And then who will run iggi U?

Speaking of iggi U, can you believe that September starts next week?  Omigoodness, I can’t wait.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing some pre-iggi U posts where we’ll talk about what you need to do to get prepared–don’t worry, it’s not too much–and give you all a sneak peek at what’s to come.

I also thought it might be fun to do a little twitter meet-n-greet for everyone who’s participating in DIY MFA.  Just tweet with the #diymfa hashtag and say hi!


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  1. Shaddy says:

    I'm so looking forward to DIY MFA at iggiU. I'll be coming back here for every new blog post you offer.

    1. Sonia says:

      Let me know how you feel about Mockingjay! I just discovered and devoured the whole trilogy this week.

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