22 Jul

Creating a Special Writing Space

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Back in 2008, my writing space was a sore subject for me, mostly because I didn’t have one.  Every time I wanted to write, I had to clear off the dining table, lug my laptop over there, collect any papers or materials I needed, and then settle myself down to write.  OK, so maybe it took only a few minutes to do all of that, but all that extra effort seemed like an enormous obstacle.

That was when I decided to create a special writing space for myself.  I converted my drafting table into a workspace and decorated it with all the mascots and creative thing-a-ma-jigs I felt were necessary.

A tour?  So glad you asked.  Hop in!  For your safety, please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and lower the safety bar.  Oh, and no flash photography please.

First stop, the desk.  As you can see, the laptop gets the place of honor in the center and to the left and right are all my mascots and totems that keep me company while I write.  The lamp itself doesn’t work as a lamp anymore but it makes for a great spot to hang things (I’m a big fan of leis and mardi gras beads).  Perched on the topmost spot we have my CTU hat that I wear when I’m doing revision.  I pretend I’m Jack Bauer shooting down all the stupid ideas and cliche phrases in my writing.

I’d like to turn your attention to the handy-dandy hangy-thing on the wall.  This is where I keep lots some of the writing exercises or materials that don’t fit in the ORACLE (my box of writing magic tricks).  I also keep index card notes on my characters or the plot arc of the story.  (These date back to before I started using Scrivener and had to use real index cards.)

Finally, we have the magnet/bulletin board.  Right now there isn’t much on it, just a few images that stay there regardless of which project I’m working on (the purveyor-of-wool picture and the don’t-forget-to-write postcard.)  At certain points in my creative process this board becomes much more cluttered.

There you have it, my special writing space.  Do you have a special writing space of your own?  Please do share.  I love to hear about writers’ processes and writing habits.


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  1. Ghenet says:

    Ooo I totally want to blog about this too! So after the wedding, expect a post from me! My writing space is still a work in progress though… 🙂

    1. L'Aussie says:

      Writing spaces are always a writer's dream, but everyone faces obstacles to their writing utopia. My writing space is a study off the kitchen (with no door). It is also the guest room, so if a daughter comes to stay I'm in panic mode as I can't get to my desk etc. Sometimes I take myself off to my huge local library (my home away from home) to write in peace, surrounded by lovely books!!

      One day…Oh, by the way I blogged about this here..http://laussieswritingblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/writing-spaceplace.html

      1. Merrilee says:

        I am INSANELY jealous of your lovely, clean, neat and personal space.

        If I set out something wonderful like that, it would get re-designed by the Small Man in moments.

        I shall dream of this in my future years. (The wall-hanging pockets are pure winsauce.)

        1. Michelle Davidson Argyle says:

          I write where I can since I have a little girl who runs in circles around me everywhere I go. 🙂

          I have a small netbook I pack around everywhere! But I do have a desk at home where I write. It's in the living room in the middle of everything so I can cook dinner, keep an eye on my daughter, and do whatever else I need to as I'm running back and forth between my writing. 🙂

          1. gabi says:

            Ghenet – Can't wait to read about your writing space.

            L'Aussie – Great post. You're right about home-away-from-home writing spaces… they're great! I have plans to post about my NYC favs soon. 🙂

            Merrilee and Michelle – Wow, I'm in awe of any writer who can juggle little ones and writing! Super-kudos to both of you!

            All in all, I think a common thread in all our writing space stories is that it's up to us writers to create spaces that work for us, whether they are mobile ones like Michelle's netbook, or space we have to defend from interlopers and wee ones, or even home-away-from-home spaces like L'Aussie's favorite library.

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