29 Jul

Countdown to iggi U

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That’s right!  We are nearing the beginning of August and with that comes the countdown to DIY MFA in September.  Woohoo!

iggi is in serious back-to-school mode and is already reading ahead in our iggi-books.  See, iggi has never gone to school and is majorly obsessing about this project.  Especially about what to wear… because showing up at iggi U in one’s iggi-suit would be… er… rather inappropriate.

At iggi U, we’ve been preparing the campus for when you join us in September.  We’ve been planning “classes,” putting together an iggi U registration and plotting out details of the DIY MFA challenge.

As you can imagine, iggi’s thrilled.  After all, nothing makes iggi happier than to have a colorful bloggy-badge saying that iggi has graduated from a DIY MFA.  Not only that, iggi can’t wait to (virtually) march with all the other iggi U graduates at Commencement while humming along to Pomp and Circumstance and trying not to trip on the over-sized iggi gown.

Of course, iggi U won’t be just about learning stuff and sharpening our iggi-smarts.  There will also be plenty of opportunities to share ideas and also meet other iggi U tweeps using our #diymfa chat thread.  iggi-tinis are optional (but welcome… especially if you bring one for me).  Because school just isn’t school if you don’t get sent to the dean’s office every once in a while…  And evil-iggi will be getting to know that office all too well.

As the pre-DIY MFA planning continues through August, I’ll be asking you all for feedback on various aspects of DIY MFA, because I want to make sure this September extra-blog-anza is as much fun for you as it will be for me.

Today is a two-for-one special: 1) Have you ever attended, applied to or seriously considered going to an MFA in creative writing?  2) If so, what was your primary motivation for wanting to do it?

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