27 Jul

A Few Random Thoughts

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Hello!  I have so much to tell you all that I hardly know where to start.  You know when you have a bazillion ideas for blog posts and not enough days to write them so you try to cram it all into one post?  That’s this post right here.

That said, I’ve decided not to fight the random today and share all my crazy thoughts with you all at once.

Random Thought #1:  I am sorry to say I will be leaving the blogosphere for a short vacation starting the second week in August because… I’m going to Ireland.  SQUEE!  For years I’ve had visions of frolicking in verdant fields, stocking up on tons of wool and maybe even hugging a sheep.  Still, it means fourteen days of limited internet.  I’m thinking of trying to sneak my laptop with me so I can get my internet fix, but I don’t want my hubby to go all gregzilla on me.  So, the way I’ll leave it is this: if I can post while I’m away, I’ll post, but if I can’t you’ll know it’s because I’m getting my knit on.

Random Thought #2: DIY MFA
As most of you already know, I’ve become intrigued (READ: obsessed) with this idea of a Do-It-Yourself MFA.  I’ve since come up with this crazy (READ: utterly insane) idea of doing a month-long blog extravaganza on this topic.  I’ll be challenging myself to post an article on this topic every day for a month, with the idea that by the end of it, I should have touched on all facets of the DIY MFA.

September is the month when most people start back at at school so it seems fitting that iggi U should open it’s (virtual doors) at that time.  The idea is to create a space where writers can find as much information on this topic as possible in one place so that they may put together a program of study that fits their own writing needs.  The plan: I’ll be posting every day on some aspect of the DIY MFA through September, the idea being that by the end of the month, you should have all the info you need to put together your own personalized writing plan.

My question for you all is this: is this idea completely crazy?  Is this topic something you’d be interested in hearing more about?

Random Thought #3:  Last, but certainly not least, is a quick reminder.  The Writing Through the Senses challenge ends tonight at 11:59pm EST.  If you’re doing the challenge, please check to make sure I’ve got you on my list so you’ll be included in the contest.  And don’t forget to read the Writing Through the Senses posts and give your comments.  Thank you to everyone who has participated!  I’ll be posting the winner tomorrow.


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  1. Ghenet says:

    Have so much fun on your trip! And sorry I haven't been able to participate in the Writing Through the Senses challenge like I thought I would be able to…wedding planning has taken over–I'm sure you understand! Looking forward to your upcoming posts though :o)

    1. Michelle Davidson Argyle says:

      Oh, have fun on your trip! Here's to hoping I can get you your copy of CINDERS before then! I think the DIY MFA sounds intriguing still!

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