10 Jun

Fit for Summer

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I recently learned about a Fit ‘N’ Healthy Challenge taking place this month and I’ve decided to join.  Now that my MFA program is behind me, I have no more opportunity for excuses not to get some exercise.

Sports have not been particularly kind to me these last few months.  Between a sprained ankle last fall and a nasty case of golfer’s elbow this spring (and I don’t even golf!) , it seemed almost like every time I started getting excited about exercise I’d get hit with an injury.  Now at last I feel like I’m back to normal and can get involved in some fun sporty stuff.

This challenge to get in shape and eat better isn’t just about being healthy, it’s about writing too.  As my friend, Missy, wisely said to me: “gabi, if you feel better, you’ll write better too.”  And I think there’s something to that.


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  1. Ami says:

    Welcome to the challenge, Gabi! I couldn't agree with Missy more; our writing is definitely connected to our body and spirit. When we feel better, we do everything better.

    I hope you'll stick with us throughout the year (or come and go as you can). I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress (or your struggles) so that we can all help one another along in becoming fitter and healthier writers!

    1. Missy says:

      Gabi, and I have to say you are working hard at the gym! I can tell the stronger and healthier you are the better you sleep, think, and feel! See you monday!!!

      1. gabi says:

        Thanks Ami! This challenge is a great idea and I'm looking forward to the camaraderie.

        You said it Missy. I'm feeling better already. See you tomorrow and I'll bring "the plan."

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