24 Apr

How Awesome are these Posters?

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Each year, the Academy of American Poets creates a poster to celebrate National Poetry Month.  To see posters from this year and past years, check out their poster gallery.  My two favorite posters are the one from 2005 designed by Chip Kidd and the one from 2009 designed by Paul Sahre.
I love the Emily Dickinson quote and something about the vintage dress coupled with the minimalist design seems so ethereal and truly haunted.  The way the meaning of the imagery and the meaning of the words work together are what make this poster design so quintessentially Chip Kidd’s style.  When I looked through the gallery, I guessed that he had designed this one before even seeing his name.

And this one is my all-time favorite.  The letters drawn on a steamed-up mirror capture the spirit of this quote.  After all, it’s a mirror but it doesn’t reflect (or distorts the reflection at the very least) so while the person asking the question may be confronting himself in the mirror, it’s not really himself, but a blurred reflection.  Bonus points to anyone who  can tell me what teen novel uses this quote and in what context.

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  1. Caroline Starr Rose says:

    I want the Emily poster!!

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