15 Apr

Getting Through a Boring Day

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Today is just one of those days.  My brain is paralyzed with boredom.  It’s past one o’clock and still I’ve accomplished nothing.  I can’t even seem to think of anything blog-worthy to write about.  So today, I’m letting iggi do the talking.

iggi says…

Advice for Getting Through a Boring Day
(translated from iggi-speak)
  • Go for a walk.  Boredom can’t get you if you’re a moving target.
  • Ask yourself: “Will small children die if I hide under the bed all day and play with my toys?”  Unless you’re some sort of  doctor or rescue worker, probably not.  Then go ahead.  Don’t worry; we won’t tell.
  • If you have to be productive, remember that bribery works.  So treat yourself.  To a book.  To a toy.  To a cookie… whatever works.
  • Play loud music.  Loud, angry music works best.  Even better, get up and dance around and look stupid (it’s OK to keep the shades drawn while you do this).
  • Make up bad words in a secret language all your own.  When something makes you mad or annoyed or just plain bored, yell your secret words.  “You wendagoodle bazzlecrock!”
Finally, remember that it’s just one day.  Tomorrow will be better.  Or maybe worse.  I can’t promise you one way or the other, but I can say that at the very least it will be different.  And different is the best cure for boredom.


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  1. Gaucho says:

    On behalf of bazzlecrocks everywhere, I am offended.

    1. gabi says:

      OK, I take it back about the bazzlecrocks but those snoodoowumps really do get on my nerves.

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